November 2015

Creating a Safer Home for Seniors

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Loose carpeting, heavy cookware, exposed electrical cords — all can spell trouble. Here’s how to eliminate home hazards Because of pain, muscle weakness, and joint stiffness, osteoarthritis may cause trouble with balance. And as osteoarthritis progresses, tasks like climbing stairs,…

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Bathroom Remodels Add Value

Homeowners looking to add value to their home should start in one of the most central rooms of the home — the bathroom. A great bathroom can add real value to your property. Take note of energy conservation. Low-flow toilets…

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Beyond Granite

Granite, which has become ubiquitous, has some competition.  Interest in manmade, durable quartz counters has appeared.  Among the most popular designs are white-whites with a thicker two-and-one-half-inch built-up edge, rather than the one-and-one-quarter-inch edge.  While granite isn’t disappearing, splashier hues…

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Ways to Make Spaces Feel Bigger

Here are some tricks you can use to make cozy spaces feel bigger: Use area rugs, lighting and ceiling fans to “zone” separate gathering spots within open living spaces. Choose a simple palette and let it flow through the living…

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