7 Exterior Home Projects that Will Yield You Maximum ROI

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Did you know that 92% of home buyers use the Internet when starting their buying process and 71% say a home’s curb appeal is an important factor in their buying decision?

Given you have only have so much to spend on improving your home before the “for sale” sign goes up, you are probably wondering which external improvements will give you the best bang for your buck.  According to Remodeling Magazine 2017 Cost versus Value Report the nine listed below will give you great returns.


7 ROI Winners


  1. New Exterior Door
    A quality, steel front door is recommended. Remember this is the first thing buyers walk through. In addition, a new door can save you about 10% on your energy bill. The best paint colors for an exterior door are navy blue, dark gray and charcoal.
    Expected ROI: 102%
  2. Update Landscaping
    Mowing the grass, adding flowers, plants and mulch, creating an outdoor patio area and improving lighting in your yard are all ways to create the right curb appeal.
    Expected ROI: 100%
  3. Add Privacy Fence
    While many homeowner associations in Hudson do not allow fencing, you may be in an area of Hudson that does. Check your association’s rules and regulation for clarification. A wood or stone fence between 4 and 6 feet tall is preferred by buyers.
    Expected ROI: 100%
  4. Paint Your Siding
    This is the one area you should hire a professional to handle. Painting will give your home a fresh look. The paint color for 2017 is greige (gray/beige).
    Expected ROI: 90%
  5. Add Manufactured Stone Veneer
    You can add this to your entryway or update your patio with this look as it is all the beauty of stone without the added expense.
    Expected ROI: 89%
  6. Replace Old Windows
    Replace existing windows with new vinyl windows to increase the security and beauty of your home. In addition, new ones are usually more energy efficient saving 7-15% on your energy bill.
    Expected ROI: 74%
  7. Other Ideas
    1. Upgrade exterior hardware to brushed nickel
    2. Power wash house, walkway and driveway
    3. Purchase a new welcome mat

One More Thought

John Gidding, host of HGTV Curb Appeal stated, “I have always heard the number 150%, but to me that is conservative. On a Curb Appeal project, I put $20,000 into a home and the seller got $200,000 more than what they paid for it just a year prior.”

Not Sure Where to Start?

I will be happy to give you more ideas to get your house looking sharp! I have decades of experience and will provide you with exterior ideas that can sell your house quickly. To request a free market analysis, contact me today!

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