Preparing Your Home for the All-Important Real Estate Photo Shoot

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Plain and simple, photos sell a house. Most buyers won’t schedule a visit unless they have viewed several photos of any property.  As a seller, it is vital to prepare your home in the best possible way before I schedule the photo shoot. Remember these photos appear on the MLS first but eventually are posted on other online sites such as, Zillow and Truila where potential buyers will view them.

Here are my tips — starting with your exterior, moving to the interior and a few ideas about each room. Please call, text or email me if you have other thoughts, as I am always interested in expanding and improving my list.

Photo Shoot Tips to Sell Your House



These photos are very important as they give the buyer a sense of your home care and give it maximum curb appeal. In addition, on the MLS the front exterior view must be the first photo online visitors see.

Here are my tips:

  1. Remove all screens from your windows.
  2. Power wash your house and be sure to remove any mold and mildew before the power washing occurs.
  3. Power wash your sidewalks.
  4. Hire a professional to clean your outside windows.
  5. Close the garage door.
  6. Remove any cars, trailers, RVs from the driveway.
  7. Remove all toys, pet items, hoses and trash cans from view.
  8. Cut your grass.
  9. Trim shrubs, clean up landscaping, put down mulch and plant flowers.
  10. Clean swimming pool and fountains.
  11. Place a fresh seasonal wreath or swag on front door.
  12. Put an urn on the front stoop filled with seasonal flowers or greens.


These are general tips to maximize your photo appeal:

  1. Remove all the clutter from your shelves, fireplace mantle, countertops.
  2. Remove any personal, political or controversial photographs or artwork. Replace with artwork that is “neutral”.
  3. Hire a cleaning service to deep clean your first floor.
  4. Professionally clean all carpets two days before shoot. Vacuum the day of the shoot.
  5. Clean all hardwood, ceramic and tile flooring.
  6. Clean all windows, inside/outside.
  7. Open all blinds and window treatments.
  8. Turn on all interior lighting – try and use the same type of bulbs and wattage throughout the house for consistency of lighting.
  9. Turn off all:
    1. Ceiling Fans
    2. TVs
    3. Computers
  10. Remove all small floor rugs.
  11. Put all clothing, jackets, throw blankets in closet.
  12. Remove extra furniture and items you don’t use.



  1. Remove magnets, papers and/or photos from refrigerator.
  2. Hide garbage cans.
  3. Be sure countertops are clear and clean.
  4. No cleaning products visible (soaps, sponges, dish towels, etc.)

Dining Room


  1. Clean and dust the table.
  2. Remove excess chairs, keeping just four around the table.
  3. Put a fresh bouquet of flowers as the centerpiece.
  4. Make sure the chandelier is clean.

Living/Family Room


  1. Clean interior of fireplace and repaint, if necessary.
  2. Remove all magazines, papers and mail.
  3. Remove all children’s and pet toys.
  4. Make sure the furniture doesn’t block window views or walkways.

Master Bedroom


  1. Press bed linens and bed skirts.
  2. Clear nightstand of any personal items, including charging cords.
  3. Remove all clutter from top of dressers.


Kids/Guest Bedrooms


  1. Remove all personalized names, posters, stickers from wall.
  2. Remove wallpaper if too child oriented. Paint in a neutral color (ivory, beige or white).
  3. Remove any personal photographs.




The bathrooms need to be light, clean and hygienic. Here are three things to remember:

  1. Remove all floor mats, wastebaskets and anything in the showers or tubs.
  2. Close shower doors, curtain and closet door.
  3. Clear countertops completely.
  4. Hang crisp white (spa-like) towels.


Garage and Basement


  1. Sell, give away or throw out unnecessary items.
  2. Clean the floor and walls – remove any spider webs or insect nests.
  3. Organize items in plastic, stackable bins or shelving.
  4. Paint concrete walls white.




  1. Place food and water bowls, beds, toys and crate in closet or garage.
  2. Remove pets from premises during shoot.
  3. Clean up yard from any pet waste.


In closing, when selling your property, you want to do everything possible to entice the potential buyer to visit your home. Photos are the way to do so, and remember the intent is to paint a picture of warmth and coziness. By viewing your home online and in person, the seller can actually visualize living there!


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