Be Sure to Update Your Kitchen Before Selling Your Home

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A kitchen is the heart of every home. It is the place where families eat and adults entertain. It is the showpiece of the house and it is the one room buyers want to use the day they move in.

Since kitchen renovations can range from $12,000 to $40,000 and take several months to complete, it is often the most expensive house renovation you will undertake. On the bright side, you should be able to recoup 65-80% of that cost when you sell your house according to Remodeling Magazine.

Today’s blog post will tackle what new home buyers are looking for in today’s kitchen and the lowest to most expensive options based purely on budget parameters.


Low Cost

  • Declutter the kitchen.
    Go through every cabinet, drawer and shelf in your pantry closet. Donate, throw away or sell the items you no longer use or want. Review the items on your counter tops in the same way. Small appliances that are seldom used should be tucked away out of sight.
  • Paint the walls.
    Based on the information in my previous blog post, the best paint colors for the kitchen are light blue or gray-blue.
  • Paint the cabinets and drawers with fresh, neutral colors. Use chalk paint and choose an off-white, light gray or pale-yellow color.
  • Change out all the cabinet hardware.
    Replace brass and gold hinges and handles with updated brushed nickel ones.


Medium Cost

  • Put in new premium brand, stainless-steel appliances.
    In addition, if your kitchen can sustain it, put in larger appliances, such as a French Door refrigerator instead of a side-by-side one.
  • Install an undermount sink with a new faucet.
  • Instead of granite, install Corian or low-end granite.
  • Put in subway tile for the backsplash.
  • Rather than tearing out all your cabinets, install new cabinet doors.
  • Install new lighting.
    Good lighting can enhance the overall appearance of your kitchen and on the flip side, dim lighting can make your kitchen look smaller and less inviting.

    • Task lighting fits well under the cabinets
    • Recessed lighting can replace overhead fixtures
    • Pendant lighting works well especially over an island. Clear glass globe pendants (the “industrial” look) are trending in today’s homes.
  • Replace the kitchen table and chairs. Put new bar stools at the island.
  • Remove the partial wall of hanging cabinets that separates a kitchen work area from the eating area.


Most Expensive Cost


  • Upgrade countertops to granite, travertine, quartz or marble.
  • Replace cabinets with ones that extend to the ceiling.
    Not only do these cabinets make the kitchen look bigger, they also provide a lot more storage then conventional cupboards. Choose factory painted cabinets in soft light tones.
  • Tear down that wall.
    You may want to remove the entire wall between the kitchen and another room to give the area a more open floor plan. This requires analysis of the wall to see if it is load bearing, requires the movement of appliances and elimination of cabinets. This is something that requires a lot of planning in order to execute properly.
  • Create a door into the back garden or patio.
    If you don’t already have a door leading out to the back of your house, replace a kitchen window for a door. Buyers will see the additional space as an extension to the kitchen.

Hudson’s Hometown Broker Knows Kitchens

As Hudson’s Hometown Broker, I see, show and sell houses daily in Hudson, Ohio. I am very familiar with what buyers are looking for and will be happy to consult with you to prepare and stage your house for sale. Call/text 330-608-4647 for more information about ways I can help you well in advance of your plans to sell, effectively prioritizing the tasks!

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