Home Inspections Should Occur Every Few Years

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Like most buyers, you probably only think of an inspection after you have made an offer on a house or condo. However, I think it is prudent to complete an entire examination of your home by a certified inspector every 5-10 years. Why? Because they know the ever-changing safety codes and can often find problems that might be hidden from your view. In addition, fixing a problem when it is minor is a lot less costly and can give you peace of mind that your house is in good condition, if you are suddenly faced with selling it.

However, always visually inspect the three items listed below and put a plan in place to take care of them right away.


3 Items That Can Need Immediate Attention


When you see these problems, please take care of them right away:

  1. Ceiling Discoloration
    Continue to look up at your ceilings and if you notice yellow stains or discoloration you might have one or more of the following going on:

    1. Plumbing leaks from upstairs bathrooms
    2. Roof leaks
    3. Excessive humidity from faulty bathroom fans or not being properly vented to the outside
    4. Rodent waste from them living in the attic

Once you find the source, an experienced handyman, roofer or plumber should be able to fix the problem.  You may contact me for recommendations.

  1. Cracks in the Walls or Ceiling
    Cracks near windows, doors, ceilings or walls can hint to major structural damage in the foundation. You will need to contact a foundation expert to assess what remedial action needs to occur. It is also wise to check with the City of Hudson to determine if your property is close to wetlands and/or the soil type on which your property resides has poor absorption properties, which will help in determining a long-term solution.


  1. Sags in the Floor
    If you see sags or soft spots on the floor, it can mean the floor and joists are weak. If it is a carpeted area, pull back the carpeting to determine the extent of the damage. Hire a licensed carpenter or handyman to repair the area to stop any further damage.

Inspection Requests

In addition to asking your inspector to complete his/her general inspection, ask them to check the following:

  1. Cross-connections
    If you have purchased a new dishwasher or washing machine in the last few years, sometimes the hot and cold-water lines can be crossed by the installers. Sometimes the water and waste lines are crossed, potentially bringing bacteria into your water supply. Ask your inspector to double-check all these connectors to ensure they are in the right positions.
  2. Electrical, Plumbing and HVAC standards
    If you bought your home several years ago, your electrical box and outlets may be out of date. In addition, plumbing and HVAC standards change over the years. Ask the inspector to check everything to ensure it is up to code.
  3. Decks
    If you have added a deck since your original home inspection, ask the inspector to look at the connection point into the house. Have them look underneath the deck to see if it has proper draining. Also, have them inspect the stairs to ensure they have the proper distance between steps and the guardrails are secure.
  4. Stairs
    Have them check the height between steps to ensure they are the right distance, guard and handrails are installed and they are very secure.


A licensed inspector will be able to identify the items that need attention in your home, some of which you may be surprised they uncover. It is in your best interest to address these concerns now, rather than wait for something to happen or when you are about ready to sell your home.


The Royster Group Can Help with Inspectors

I am happy to recommend highly reputable inspectors that service homes in Hudson Ohio. Please contact me at (330) 608-4647 for my recommendations and be sure to follow The Royster Group Facebook page and connect with me personally on LinkedIn.

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