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While some of my clients have been reluctant to stage their homes, primarily because they want to see statistics that represent the value of staging.  So, here we go:  recent research conducted from the National Association of REALTORS of 1,894 Realtors has now proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that staging is worth its weight in gold. The survey respondents have been in the real estate profession for an average of 11 years, 71% were female and the median age was 54 years.

This blog post will look at staging from the buyer and selling agent prospective, evaluate the best rooms to be staged and the overall value of completing the staging process.


Buyers’ Agents View


  • 77% stated staging made it easier for buyers to visualize the property as their future home.
  • 49% of the Realtors surveyed felt home staging had an effect on their buyer’s view of a home.


Listing Agents View


  • 38% of Realtors prefer to stage all their sellers’ homes before listing them of which 21% of Realtors stage each home themselves
  • 25% of the sellers pay for staging themselves while 8% of Realtors hire and pay for a professional staging service
  • 14% of sellers only stage those homes their agents view as difficult to sell
  • 37% do not stage, but the Realtor suggests decluttering and fixing property problems. Here is what most agents recommended homeowners do:
    • 93% said declutter home
    • 89% stated to do an entire house cleaning
    • 81% recommended carpet cleaning
    • 75% said minor repairs need to be completed
    • 68% recommended landscape the outdoor area
    • 68% said to paint walls
    • 62% recommended paint touch up
  • 39% of sellers’ agents felt staging greatly reduces the time a property is on the market

With almost every listing, I recommend my client’s hire a professional staging company. I have personally found that staging does represent the house better when both a physical and online viewing occur.  In order to demonstrate my commitment to my clients’ best intersts, I personally pay for the initial consultation fee …  that is how much I believe in its value.

In addition, I do think it is vital to declutter and deep clean your home.  All of the suggestions listed above are completely valid ones.


Rooms to Stage


Room Staged by Seller Importance to Buyer Difference
Living Room 83% 86% -3%
Kitchen 76% 68% +8%
Master Bedroom 69% 84% -15%
Dining Room 66% 71% -5%
Bathroom 53% 52% +1%
Outdoor Space 31% 63% -32%
Children’s Bedroom 25% 49% -24%
Guest Bedroom 21% 43% -22%


Based on the information listed above, almost every room in your house should be staged. However, if you have a limited budget for staging, I always recommend staging occur on the entire first floor. However, if you budget allows for more, consider staging the master bedroom and outdoor space as well.

Staging Value


Staging Increased Home’s Dollar Value Offered Per Listing Agents Per Buyer Agents
1-5% 29% Agreed 31% Agreed
6-10% 21% Agreed 13% Agreed
11-15% 5% Agreed 3% Agreed


While most agents agree staging increase the dollar value 1-10 percent, on a $387,000 home (which is the average sale price for homes in Hudson Ohio), means you can receive between $3,870 to $38,700 more for your home with an investment of $500-2,000. This is a great ROI for your home.

Ready to Sell Your House?

I am Hudson’s Hometown Broker and treat each of my clients with care and concern. Call or text 330-608-4647 or email me at gailroyster@howardhanna.com to set up your free consultation appointment to learn more about the staging partners I recommend and why I value staging so much.

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